Pallas Athena Investment Counsel is dedicated to meeting the investment needs of the Affluent Investor and their Family. The service offering consists in the design and management of segregated1  and customized2  investment portfolios.

The corner stones of the service offering are proprietary investment research combined the involvement by the principals of the firm in all aspects of our clients’ investments. Should our clients’ needs extend beyond the core investment management, to include areas such of Estate Planning, Life Insurance, Corporate Monetization3 and Tax Planning, we can assist our clients in finding suitable independent professionals who can provide sound advice.

Potential Clients that could benefit from the services of Pallas Athena include the following: 

  • Professionals 
  • Corporate Executives 
  • Business Owners/Managers 
  • Second Generation Investors4
  • Professional Athletes 
  • Foundations, Endowment Funds and other Charitable Organizations 
  1. As opposed to many investment products available today such as Mutual Funds, Wrap Accounts and other investment pools, Segregated Portfolios are comprised of investments directly owned by the client. When owning Segregated Portfolios, clients gain a better knowledge and control over the quality and nature of their investments, and in many cases, will also benefit from lower investment management fees, trading and administration costs and lower taxes by way of lower trading activity.
  2. Pallas Athena Investment Counsel will design investment portfolios specifically designed to meet the needs and wishes of our clients. Please refer to the Client Experience of this website to learn more about the process behind the building of customized portfolios.
  3. Corporate Monetization is the sale of a private business or the sale of stock of a public company.
  4. Second Generation Investors are individuals that have acquired wealth by inheritance or other family or business events.